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Guide to Choosing an Aroma Diffuser: Types of aroma diffusers and buying tips

Apr 15,2024 | Stella

As an avid home decor enthusiast, I am passionate about creating comfortable rooms through visually elegant furniture and accessories. I have always believed that my room has become the perfect sanctuary, but after experiencing the Elega aroma diffuser, I am amazed at how it has transformed my space from another dimension and elevated my quality of life.

I'll tell you COMPLETE guide and considerations for selecting an aroma diffuser.


The beauty of an aromatherapy diffuser is that it can reinvent an entire space in another dimension beyond sight, but no one can resist an exquisite ornament. An aroma diffuser with a classical and philosophical appearance makes this even more beautiful.


Natural Volatilization

Scent diffusion through natural volatilization, assisted by heating and fans.


  • Low consumption


  • Fragrance diminishes over time.
  • Not very strong and limited coverage.

Water Medium Diffuser

Mix essential oils with water, create water mist by shaking the water surface with ultrasound, and diffuse it into the air.


  • Low consumption


  • Since essential oils are not easily soluble in water, they will float on the surface, resulting in uneven concentration of released aroma.
  • Heavier water vapor will fall quickly around the aromatherapy diffuser, easily wetting the perimeter and is not conducive to scent diffusion.
  • Introducing uncertain humidity factors can easily breed bacteria.

Pure Essential Oil Diffuser

Adopting advanced two-fluid atomization technology, using the principle of high-speed flow of compressed air to turn essential oil molecules into particles, and then using high-speed rotating accelerator to separate the particles into aromatic molecules. This system is also often used in high-end hotel air conditioning aroma systems.


  • Restore the natural form of the aroma, with a wide diffusion range. 
  • Helps to quickly establish a balanced and stable aromatherapy atmosphere.


  • Some people think that the fragrance is easy to be too strong, using the lid can reduce the amount of mist dispersed.

Why atomize aromatherapy

  1. Ensures the healing power of the essential oil molecules and mimics the true way nature spreads fragrance. Naturally evaporate the aroma.
  2. Essential oil molecules are suspended in the air in a negative ionized state and are less likely to drip or cling to the surface of objects.
  3. Relatively heavy water vapor will fall quickly around the aroma diffuser. The atomized aroma factor can travel longer distances, spreading around with slight air currents to ensure a large coverage area.

All in all, choosing the perfect aromatic diffuser is a crucial step in creating a calming, energizing space in your home.

I'm so glad that I ended up enhancing the ambience of my room with the Pure Essential Oil Diffuser, which you can shop for by sliding down the page.