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How to choose the size and number of pendant lights for a long table? You can find the answer here

Jan 09,2024 | Hoshino

One of the secrets to enhance the ambiance of your dining room is to use a dining room pendant lamps!

This time we used PH5 pendant lamps(large size 50cm and small size 35cm) to match the different sizes of the table. (You can find the purchase link at the end.)

How long is your table?

In general The size of the shade of the pendant lamps is standardized at about 1/3 of the full length of the table.

Since the large size is 50cm in diameter, it is recommended to use 1 lamp for a table of about 1-4-1.6 meters in length.

Matching 1.8m long dining table

For a 1.8 meter dining table, tried hanging 1 large chandelier (as photo below), in this case because the light on both sides of the table was a bit weak.

So tried two smaller ones, which ensured adequate light.

Added another lamp and tried a 3-light pendant, which felt much more balanced.

When hanging 3 lamps on a 180cm dining table we get a balanced light.

Testing Dining tables over 1.8 meters long

We tested the combination of a 1.8-2.4 meter long dining table and so on.

A large 1-light pendant is obviously not enough, but of course it can be used as an ambient light.

Try hanging the PH5 small with 2 and 3 lamps.

As shown in the photo, if the dining table of about 1.87 meters, generally speaking, 2 lamps hanging is enough, in order to be more balanced, beautiful is also recommended 3 lamps hanging.

But if the table is larger than 2 meters, 2 lamps can not ensure the light, recommended at least 3 lamps hanging.

Finally, matching and aesthetics are in fact very subjective, the actual needs of each person and with different ways.
The above program is only as an auxiliary reference, not the only answer!


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