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Create a home full of fun and imagination: The lamps for children's rooms

May 29,2023 | Stella

When designing interiors, I cannot help but reminisce about the time in my childhood filled with boundless imagination. I used to infuse ordinary things with vitality and interest, and every ceiling became a canvas for my flights of fancy. Therefore, even when designing lighting systems for adult clients, we often try to return to a childlike thought process. Now, I would like to recommend some creatively designed lamps for all children or those who have ever had a childlike spirit.


Memory Balloon Ceiling Light

Balloons seem to be a constant theme in childhood memories. Unforgettable birthday party, lively fun park, the roadside ice cream truck. It is said that this memory balloon light is being inspired by childhood memories.

The frosted or bright glass beautifully diffuses the light, creating a soft and warm ambiance in the room.

Akari Lamps

Sometimes, blankness can be more invigorating than richness. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese fishing gear and lanterns, the Akari lamps are crafted using Japanese rice paper.

Some customers let their children to unleash their creative potential on the paper lampshade. Of course sometimes this is not a good idea.

Perching Bird Table Lamp

Perching Bird Table Lamp is a lamp that will captivate at first glance. You can take this exquisite bird off the branch - the lamp stand. When the bird re-flies on the branch, dang, it just lights up,creating a truly enchanting ambiance.

Round Shell Windbell Chandelier

I often recall the exquisite seashells I picked up on the beach with my parents during my childhood. This light had a natural shell composition, and when the wind blew, it would make a light sound, like a wind chime.

Ostrich Feather Floor Lamp

How did the ostrich get into the room? Yes now you can take home this very creative piece of art.